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Stellar Development - Hopspitality ProjectsStellar Development has extensive experience in the hotel and hospitality industry. Our expertise has been achieved by constructing and consulting on projects as both the general contractor and as the owner’s representative. This unique specialization has been strengthened by working on multiple projects, with repeat clients, and with a proven qualified team. We were founded on the premise that every project would be delivered by providing exceptional service and impeccable quality. We feel that a firm’s resume is only as strong as the team who will be assigned to build the project. We provide our hotel clients with a team who understands the specific and complex needs of the hotel owner, and has the qualifications and industry background to deliver their project with confidence and quality.

The Hilton Homewood Suites, Hilton Garden Inn and the Marriott Townplace Suites are all located at Avion Park in Tampa, Florida. The Avion Park project is part of an 18-acre development which includes office space, restaurant out-parcels, a parking garage and the three hotels aforementioned. Stellar Development was contracted as the owner’s representative to oversee all aspects of construction on the entire project, from ground breaking and construction activities, to assisting the opening team with each phase of this unique project.

The project commenced with the complete infrastructure and the installation of three separate storm vaults with the capacity of over one million gallons of water. During the site infrastructure phase, the general contractor constructing the Hilton Garden Inn mobilized and began construction. The seven-story post tension project, which included board rooms, banquet facilities, and a full restaurant and bar, was the first of its kind in overall colors and appearance for Hilton. The project remained on schedule and budget through the entire construction process. Within a few months of breaking on the Hilton Garden Inn, the third general contractor on this massive project began construction on the Marriott Townplace Suites. The Townplace Suites is one of Marriott’s extended stay hotel brands, in which every unit has a living room, kitchen and a bedroom. In May of 2009, Marriott awarded this hotel with the prestigious “Opening of the Year” award. This award is one of
Marriot’s top annual brand awards based on exceptional performance in multiple categories. We are proud to have received this honor on two other hotel projects as well.

Soon after construction began on the Townplace Suites, a fourth general contractor mobilized and began construction on the five-story parking garage and the attached 20,000 square feet of retail space. In preparation for the fifth general contractor to mobilize onsite, Stellar was contracted to construct the building pad for the Homewood Suites project. The entire site for this project required 10 feet of unsuitable soils to be removed and replaced with structural fill. Upon completion of the sitework, the fifth and final general contractor commenced construction.

While managing a project of this magnitude has its challenges, there was nothing more rewarding for Stellar than to successfully manage five general contractors on the same site, at the same time, and have all of the projects finish on time and within budget.

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