Institutional / Governmental

Martin Luther King Jr. Park

Highlands County Courthouse & Jail

Sarasota County Courthouse


Manatee School for the Arts

Sutton Park

Sutton Park Restrooms

SRQ T-hangar Replacement

Seminole County Heroes Memorial

Stellar Development - Institutional / Governmental ProjectsThe team that now makes up Stellar Development has completed two of the largest county projects of its time. In 1996, the founder of Stellar Development (Maurice Opstal) was entrusted by the company he worked for at that time, to run the Sarasota County Courthouse and Jail project as the head superintendent. This was the largest building in Sarasota County at the time and the largest project that the company had completed to date. In 2002, Highlands County needed to construct a new courthouse and jail facility. HLM, the architects that completed the Sarasota County Courthouse, were hired to design the new courthouse for Highlands County. They requested that Mr. Opstal be assigned as the project manager for the largest project ever taken on by Highlands County. Upon completion of the new courthouse and jail facility, the team continued on to renovate the existing 100 year old building.

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