Letter From The President

Maurice Opstal - President

     Maurice Opstal –  President

Stellar Development, Inc. was founded on the philosophy of building lasting relationships by exceeding our clients’ expectations. It is our intent to build partnerships that will last a lifetime by delivering quality service and construction while providing exceptional client service. Our goal is to focus and achieve greatness through teamwork, commitment and strong alliances with our clients and partners.

It is often said that a “gift” is one you are born with and a “talent” is one you have worked to achieve. The ability to posses both is what we feel provides the vision and success of Stellar Development. At a very young age, I would tag along with my father, a general contractor. Whether it was in his office or in the field, I quickly discovered the construction job site and thought of it as a playground; it was a place where I watched workers build masterpieces with their hands. This impression continued to impact me through high school, and it was this notion that led me to one of the best college construction programs in the country at Auburn University.

In an effort to always stand out and apart from others, I worked to complete every project above and beyond what was required. While completing the final thesis project at Auburn and preparing to graduate, an inspiring professor delivered the instructions to the class with handouts. He stated that if the long list of items required for the thesis was completed perfectly, the best grade that could be achieved would be a “C”. After a student asked the obvious, I realized rather quickly that “anyone can do what is required, it’s the extra things that you do that make a difference”.

That defining moment is the very foundation that serves as the core value of Stellar Development. Upon graduation, I elected to begin my career at a mid-size company that  quickly grew to an ENR Top 400 firm. I had the opportunity to manage some of the largest projects that the firm had ever completed. My career climb and ambitions continued while I grew with the firm both personally and professionally. Completing all the requirements in 1999 to obtain my general contractor’s license, it wasn’t until 2005 that I felt I was fully prepared to venture out on my own. The success of Stellar Development was and will always be based on the relationships formed and maintained over the years. I am truly grateful for the opportunities and projects that we have been a part of, which has enabled us to grow as an organization.

I believe that, “Anyone can build, but it is how you build that makes a difference.” This passion and commitment is applied to every Stellar project; it’s how we construct and manage everyday. Our entire team believes that we should be the best at what we do. As the old saying goes, “If you are a ditch digger, have absolute pride in your work and be the best ditch digger you can be”.

Thank you for reviewing our qualifications. We look forward to the opportunity to assist  you in all of your construction endeavors.


Maurice Opstal


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