We take the safety of our team, workers, and partners very seriously. Stellar Development is proud of our exceptional safety record and continues to meeting and exceeding all required safety standards set forth by the State.

We continually complete rigorous training on safety, ethics, and conduct to ensure ALL of our workers, partners, and associates are representing themselves in the most professional manner possible.


Our in house safety standards go well beyond what is mandated by our governing bodies. We conform to the highest safety standards. We do this not because it’s required but because we care about our workers, partners, and team. Our commitment to excellence is directly paired with the safety of our workplace.



We do not only expect the highest ethical performance from our team… we require it. It is also what our clients’ and teammates expect. Our honest and direct approach is one of the major reasons for our success. Mistakes happen with any company. Our philosophy is to identify, inform, correct, and train.



We take pride in our daily conduct. The steel construction helmets in our lobby serve as a tribute to the workers who came before us. They would hang up their safety helmet at the end of the day being proud of what they had accomplished and the work they had put it. They were proud to “hang their hats”. Stellar Development is highly committed to professional conduct. We are proud of where we hang our hats.


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