Health Safety 2020

Stellar Development Inc. is committed to the highest standard when it comes to the health and safety of our clients, team, and the general public.

We are continuing to operate while implementing additional safety measures that meet or exceed the guidelines set out by the CDC and the State of Florida for essential workers.

Job Site Safety Measures:

• Every worker must wash hands coming in and out of project sites

• Soap is constantly stocked and provided on ALL sites

• ALL meetings are taking place OUTSIDE with a minimum of 6’ between workers

• Areas ready for inspection are cleared to avoid contact with building inspectors

• Workers are closely monitored to ensure a safe distance from each other

Office Safety Measures:

• ANY and ALL meetings are being completed via Zoom or standard conference calls with no face to face meetings taking place (until further notice)

• No visitors are permitted inside our corporate office. Any and ALL deliverables are to be completed behind our storefront entry and left outside for pick-up or drop-off

• All employees must wear company provided latex gloves while working inside our offices

• We have doubled office cleaning / sanitizing visits to ensure a safe workplace

• Any team member who exhibit any flu like symptoms are mandated to work from home and prohibited from visiting our office / project sites.

We sincerely thank all essential workers across the State and the Country for their continued service.

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