Linger Lodge Ground Breaking Ceremony

Stellar Development is extremely excited to announce the ground breaking on a new project at the Linger Lodge in Bradenton, Florida. A ceremony was held on Thursday April 15th, 2021 to recognize this milestone.

The Linger Lodge is a hidden treasure on Florida’s west coast. Located along the Braden River, this special property has a rich history dating back to the mid 1940s. Locals know the Lodge as the perfect weekend getaway to enjoy a slower pace and experience the “Old Florida” lifestyle. Out of state visitors know it as a must visit stop on their travels. 

A campground and restaurant host visitors from all over who are treated to delicious food, drinks, and live music along with a number of additional recreational activities such as fishing and kayaking. This is the type of establishment that promotes relaxed entertainment and a welcoming feel.

Visitors walking into the historic restaurant are greeted by toothy stuffed gator smiling up from the floor. The longer you spend here the more unique artifacts you will discover. Unique wildlife showcase a past owner’s taxidermy skills using local roadkill and wildlife. First responder badges adorn the walls leading into the River Room bar showing the Lodge’s recognition of patriotism and sacrifice. Historic beer cans and license plates create conversation pieces with fellow patrons in the bar. A gator skin arm rest details the main countertop highlighting just one of the many elements contributing to the overall feel of the Lodge.

A large balcony overlooks the meandering Braden River and catches a soft Florida breeze on most days; the perfect place to unwind, relax, and partake. The large campground area is a welcome alternative to the hustle of the city and the coldness of the typical mainstream hotels.

In our opinion, the best thing about any visit to the Lodge are the people. A wonderful group of people who always makes you feel comfortable and invited. This attitude is contagious to visitors creating the type of atmosphere that encourages many new friendships and planned future trips to the area.

Stellar recognizes that in order to improve upon this destination an abundance of care must be taken to preserve the “feel” of the resort while improving access, accessibility, and guest enjoyment with new amenities such as a resort pool, campsite and road improvements to name a few. Linger Lodge Restaurant and River Room will be preserved to continue to host guests in the way only a true Florida establishment can do; a mix of the unusual with an attitude of acceptance.

Our goal is to improve upon the foundations established so many decades ago while encouraging visitors to “linger longer”. We look forward to working with the Linger Lodge team to make this project a huge success and are thrilled to officially be underway.